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Choosing a word for the year can help you stay focused on one main idea or theme throughout the year.

Many people use their word to help them stay on track while achieving goals and creating the life they want.

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    Nicole Smith

    Life & Leadership Coach

    Who am I?

    Hi, I'm Nicole . I'm a life and leadership coach and the founder of Smitn.

    I help professional women find their joy, relcaim their confidence and find the courage to live the life they have been dreaming of.

    I provide tips, information, inspiration , and guidance to help you become the woman you want to be.

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    What's Inside.

    Choosing a word or theme for the new year has become a popular trend. Many people find it helpful to focus on one main idea to keep them on track to achieving their goals or creating the life they want.

    The idea is pretty straight forward, but choosing a word may not be.

    Use the ideas and guidance in this PDF to help you pick your word for 2020.